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Your Trusted Concrete Flatwork Business for Over 19 Years

Founder Doug Ortmann grew up in the concrete flatwork business and has worked with concrete since 1991. The Ortmanns’ officially became business owners on Aug. 25, 2003, with Ortmann Concrete Inc. OCI is an expanding business based out of Arnold, MO. We serve property management and utility companies, commercial contractors as well as residential clients throughout the St. Louis Metro Area. Our attention to detail, communication skills, and quality craftsmanship are what set OCI apart from other concrete contractors.

SealGreen Authorized Resaler

SealGreen specializes in manufacturing concrete sealers and concrete cleaners that are simple to apply and will protect the concrete for many years before re-application is required.

Mike and Connie Hernandez, owners of ReUse Concrete Sealing Specialists, LLC, had spent many years in business specializing in cleaning and sealing concrete for industrial, commercial and residential clients. Throughout their trial and error process of using many different products and techniques, they realized there was a need for higher quality products along with more efficient cleaning and installation practices. After much research, formulation and experimentation they developed the SealGreen product line that finally meets their stringent requirements.

SealGreen has gotten away from the standard toxic, solvent based products commonly available to the contractors and homeowners today. SealGreen manufactures an environmentally friendly, EPA approved, water based solution to properly care for and maintain concrete surfaces. These products also come in concentrate form, not only saving on shipping costs and packaging materials, but provides easy to use instructions for mixing and application. The chemistry technology behind SealGreen’s products has been thoroughly studied and formulated to bring only the best products to market for you the consumer.

SealGreen prides themselves in their knowledge and experience and encourages you to contact them with any questions or comments regarding their products or usage.


“We don’t just pour concrete. We create extensions of our clients’ homes and businesses.”

Doug Ortmann, Owner/Operator/Superintendent

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