Bellattex™ Concrete Tabletops

Ortmann Concrete proudly presents a Premier Line of handcrafted concrete tabletops, made in-house by Ortmann Concrete’s Master Craftsmen.

Bellattex LogoPopular table shapes include round, square or rectangle, and come in a variety of sizes. Concrete doesn’t have to be grey. Our concrete tabletops come in a variety of custom stains, including smoke, stonewash, raw, and buck brown which complement most color schemes.

Concrete is an incredibly durable surface that holds up extremely well over years of use. It is heat and scratch resistant and, once sealed, nearly impossible to stain. Your Bellattex™ custom table will become a family heirloom, cherished for generations to come. Our Bellattex™ concrete tabletops can be placed on a base of your choosing. Or if you prefer, any of our concrete tabletops can be combined with a custom wood base from Ortmann Woodcraft (no relation!) for a truly stunning and functional conversation piece.

Interior Tops

Kitchen Nooks

Coffee, Corners, Consoles

Dining Elegance


Outdoor Entertaining

Patio Conversations


Backyard Winery

Ortmann Concrete Bellattex Console Table

Outdoor Kitchen



Fire & Ice


Parks, Schools, Wineries


Cornholes, Checkers

Coming soon!

Bellattex™ Concrete Tabletop Gallery