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Ortmann Concrete, Inc. has served homeowners across the greater St. Louis Metro region since 2003. But many customers are pleased to discover that we also provide commercial concrete flatwork services to area businesses, too. So what kinds of businesses do we serve? And how can we help you put a new face on yours? Read on to learn about our commercial concrete services.

Wineries, Restaurants & Bars

If you own a winery, restaurant, or bar, you know that half of what you sell is service, atmosphere and a comfortable place to linger. Without these elements, the best food and drink won’t create repeat business.

Indoor Areas

Ortmann can help you create the perfect ambience with:

  • Set desired mood immediately with one of our table tops or counters in your lobby or entryway. Customers will know they are in the right place the minute they walk in the door.
  • Sturdy, concrete Bellatex™ tabletops for customers to gather around and enjoy. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your space and needs. They are easily customized, coming in multiple colors and designs, with inlays of your choosing.
  • Nice bathrooms matter! Our bathroom countertops extend the welcoming air of the rest of your establishment to your public restrooms!

Outdoor Areas

Creating the right atmosphere in an outdoor area requires balancing mood and utility. With our patios, walkways, and outdoor table tops. Ortmann does just that.

  • A beautifully constructed patio extends your sales space and allows your customers to enjoy nature while sampling your products. We’ll compliment your existing architecture and add a little magic to your custom patio so that it reflects the personality of your business in an imaginative way.
  • Ortmann can replace your walkways with top-of-the line, stamped and/or broom-finished surfaces that are both beautiful, safe and compliment your new patio.

Our outdoor concrete table tops are custom designed with weather and heavy use in mind.

Bar Tops

A beautiful custom concrete top for your bar or tasting room. The right bar top can say everything you want people to know about your bar and restaurant. Concrete bar tops are easy to maintain and keep their appearance after years of use.

Ortmann- Commercial Concrete counter tops

Property Management Companies

Do you oversee an apartment complex or office building and need to upgrade the appearance of the building? Here are examples of just some of the work we do for clients.

Parking Lots & Walkways

Older, cracked pavement can detract from the appearance of an otherwise beautiful property and repel the very type of client you want to attract. And cracked, uneven pavement can be hazardous as well.

Ortmann can replace your older sidewalk or cracked parking lot with new pavement that will withstand heavy use and remain attractive for years to come.

Patios and Commons Areas

Attract and keep the best tenants with simple, high-quality upgrades designed to last for years with simple additions like these:

  • Putting a new pool deck around an old pool can boost its eye-appeal in short order.
  • Adding a stamped patio or common area with finished borders that makes visitors and clients feel welcome.
  • Add short walls that help create designated spaces, keep people out of flower beds, and manage foot-traffic—especially around playgrounds, green spaces, picnic areas, and outdoor dining areas.
Ortmann-Business patio
concrete tabletops

Table Tops and Countertops

Businesses are working harder than ever to attract employees and retain them. One of the ways they do this is to create and inviting workspaces.

Dress up your common areas and meeting rooms with Bellatex™ concrete products. Our custom-made tabletops and countertops are unbeatable. They are durable and resistant to scratches and chips. And with just a little maintenance, they remain beautiful even after years of heavy use.

Pool Companies

Do you need a reliable and experienced contractor to provide concrete pool decks? We work with a number of pool companies in the area and would be happy to talk with you about your needs. We can also install broom finished walkways that can enhance users’ safety on their way in and out of the swimming area.

Want to know more?

OCI is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, and certified by the American Concrete Institution. We are the proud recipients of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Our reputation for quality has been recognized by customers on three different platforms: Facebook, Angi’s List, and Google Reviews.

Look through our gallery for just a few examples of the ways we’ve helped other businesses up their game and give us a call!

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