Bellattex™ Concrete Tabletops Are Here!

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Bellattex™, Commercial Concrete, Residential Concrete

Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table.

Bob Ehrlich

Jacqui Ortmann, co-owner of Ortmann Concrete, Inc, is proud to announce that we recently added handcrafted concrete tabletops to our line of existing products. This brings our years of exterior architectural expertise inside our customers’ homes for the first time ever!

Why are we excited about this? We understand that your furniture is an extension of you. So, when you pick out a piece of furniture like an end table, coffee table, dinner or accent table, you’re imagining it as part of the backdrop of your life for years to come. It’s an investment in your future and comes with the hope that those who come after you will enjoy it too.

At Ortmann Concrete, we’re dedicated to manufacturing heirloom quality concrete tabletops, handcrafted right here in St. Louis. When you select us to help you design the tabletop of your dreams, you are hiring a company dedicated to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Ortmann Bellattex Custom Concrete Table Tops

We’ve named our new product line Bellattex™ and, in addition to our handcrafted tabletops, we also produce custom concrete countertops for indoor and outdoor kitchens, bars, restaurants, and any other space our customers need a high-quality, beautiful concrete surface. So if you’re not in the market for a tabletop today, but have need of a countertop, then be sure and fill out our contact form or give us a call, so we can help!

Our tables will look great in any room in your home and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We’re certain you’ll find a unique tabletop to feature as your next dining table, end table or an accent table . And our team will be happy to work with you, offering suggestions on shape, color, and edge finish, so that your custom concrete tabletop becomes a family heirloom future generations will enjoy as much as you do.

Why concrete, you ask? That’s a good question! Did you know:

  • Concrete tabletops are long-lasting
  • They come in endless combinations of colors and inlays
  • They can be Any Shape or Size
  • There are multiple decorative edgings
Bellattex - Concrete Coffee Table
Bellattex - Concrete Dining Table
Bellattex - Concrete Coffee Table

Concrete tabletops are long-lasting

Our concrete table tops are durable and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. They are stain, scratch, and chip resistant. When treated with a sealer and maintained with an occasional retreatment (easily done by you once or twice a year), it will stand up to spills of all kinds. And at OCI, we offer a 100% crack guarantee under normal usage. So not only will you receive a high-quality tabletop, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will replace it at no cost to you.
Unlike tables built from other materials, when used outdoors, our tables aren’t going to tip over in strong winds, won’t rot, and won’t rust.

Endless combinations of colors and inlays

While you can certainly get a custom table made of quality wood products, getting one with the sort of inlays that our concrete tabletops offer isn’t likely.

We believe every concrete tabletop should be unique to the customer. Custom-built means custom designed. We will discuss your vision with you when you place your order and help you decide on a design that meets both your needs and your wants. When we pour your concrete table, we can inlay items like glass, stone, and more. Combined with one of our many color choices, you can be sure that your table will look the way you want it to look and not like anyone else’s.
The colors we offer include smoke, stonewash, raw, and buck brown. They can be solid or marbled and combined with a variety of wood bases that will match any color scheme you have in mind. We can even create a custom color based on your room’s color pallet.

Bellattex - Concrete End Table
Bellattex Concrete Kitchen Table Top
Bellattex - Concrete End Table

All Shapes And Sizes

You want your table to fit your lifestyle and the space you live in. Do you prefer small, intimate gatherings? Or do you entertain on a larger scale? We can help you design a table for either. Because we know that there is nothing quite like a beautiful dinner table filled with good food and drink to bring people closer together.

Maybe you need a coffee table for your living room? Or an accent table for your bedroom or a sunroom? We’ve got those needs covered too.

You can place your new concrete tabletop on a base you’ve already chosen. Or, if you don’t have one selected, we’ve partnered with Ortmann Woodcraft (no relation!) to build custom bases for our tables. So your concrete tabletop can truly be one of a kind. 

Multiple decorative edgings>

Our concrete tabletops come with customized edging—whether flat, granite split, or ornate. If you want a table for a formal dining room, we can provide it with graceful ornate edging sure to draw compliments from guests. Or if you want a more rustic looking tabletop, we can give you a granite split edge to create that primitive look you’re striving for.

Local Delivery Available

We deliver to all locations in the St. Louis metro area! If you live outside the St. Louis area and are interested in our products, we are happy to prepare your new tabletop for pickup.

Bellattex Concrete Table Top Online Store

Final Thoughts

We’ve been working with concrete in one setting or another since 2003, expanding our business from basic maintenance to include creating concrete-based items like the tables we just discussed. Our founder, Doug Ortmann, says it best:, “We don’t just pour concrete. We create extensions of our clients’ homes and businesses.”

Ortmann’s is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, is certified by the American Concrete Institution, and is a recipient of the Angie’s’ List Super Service Award. We serve management, commercial contractors, and residential clients. We are known for our attention to quality craftmanship and our communication skills.

We serve management, commercial contractors, and residential clients. We are known for our attention to quality craftsmanship and our communication skills.

If you’d like more information about bringing a custom Bellattex™ concrete tabletop to your home, just contact us. You can’t find Bellattex™ products anywhere in the country, other then Ortmann Concrete. We’re proud of our new line and look forward to hearing from you.