For Your Business: The Best Commercial Concrete Solutions in St. Louis

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Bellattex™, Commercial Concrete

Ortmann Concrete has been pouring concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis for homeowners for over 20 years. And with the recent introduction of our Bellattex™ line, we’ve added concrete countertops and tabletops to our long list of residential products and services.

But what you might not know is that we also work with businesses, doing specialty pours like stamped concrete walkways and patios, concrete driveways, and even tabletops and countertops.

Here are just a few of the types of businesses we work with and what we can do for yours. Don’t see your field mentioned? That’s probably only because we haven’t heard of you! When you’ve finished reading this and you’re curious about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ortmann- concrete kitchen table

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars need furnishings and flooring that both accentuate the atmosphere they are trying to create and stand up to steady traffic and heavy use. And with so many of both in St. Louis, the right furnishings, combined with great food and service, can be the reason people choose them and become repeat customers.

Quality Concrete walkways and patios

For restaurants and bars, concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis don’t just have to look good, they must be low maintenance, and meet the health department’s safety standards too. Because of their textured surfaces, OCI’s concrete walkways and patios are safe to walk on in a variety of conditions (whether wet or dry), and are easily sanitized without being damaged by cleaners.

Restaurants and bars with outdoor dining areas benefit from stamped patios and walkways because they look at least as good if not better than those created with pavers.

Bellattex™ Concrete Countertops and Tabletops for Bars and Restaurants

Concrete countertops have become popular choices for restaurant kitchens, bars, and lunch counters because they are extremely durable and make for a great work surface. Sanitizing them regularly does not affect their appearance because the surface is sealed, so you don’t have to worry about them harboring germs that are all too common in prep areas.

Bellattex™ Concrete Tabletops are easy to clean and look great after years of use. Guests will respond to the unique beauty of their tables and surrounding furnishings by returning often to enjoy your food and the atmosphere.

OCI can customize both concrete tabletops and countertops, combining your choice of edges, stains, and inlays, making your restaurant a truly unique space to dine in.

Bellattex - Concrete Dining Table


There are dozens of wineries within driving distance of St. Louis. So, the competition is stiff. If you want to stand out from other wineries, you need superb wine and something about you that sets you apart. Atmosphere is key.

Concrete Walkways and Patios

In contrast to the number of wineries here, there are only a few companies that pour customized concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis, and only one of them is Ortmann Concrete. Our standards for our work are the highest in the business. And we aren’t afraid to try something new in order to give our clients exactly what they want.

Much like restaurants, wineries benefit from stamped concrete walkways and patios, as well as flooring and concrete driveways. Ortmann Concrete can easily customize both to create an atmosphere that sets your winery apart from other establishments.

Imagine your customers strolling up and down your beautiful walkways, enjoying your landscape as they sip your wine and ask you questions about your grapes.

Want your tasting room to have an air of elegance? We can do that with straight lines and careful angles. How about a rustic-appearance with a floor that looks like stone pavers? We can create a beautiful floor that will be unique to your establishment. All you have to do is offer memorable wine and some cheese and your customers will come back for more.

Concrete Countertops and Tabletops

You can continue creating the effect you want with our Bellattex™ concrete tabletops and countertops. Your clientele will feel the ambiance when they stand at your counters and sample your latest vintage or seat themselves with some cheese and crackers and a bottle of your finest.
With our custom stains and inlays, your wine tasting room or seating areas will be sure to attract “wow” s from customers who will rush to tell everyone about their favorite winery.

Bellattex - Concrete End Table
Bellattex Concrete Kitchen Table Top
Bellattex - Concrete End Table

Property Managers of buildings, residences, apartment complexes, and motels

You may have beautiful buildings and offer all the perks, but if they’re surrounded by aging pavement with weeds growing up through the cracks, it will detract from the professional appearance of any business. It’s a safety hazard and it might bring your ability to deliver on your promises into question. The tenants you want might steer clear of you without even knowing why.

When combined with well-cared for premises, high-quality concrete walkways and patios and fresh concrete driveways can be the difference between attracting the right tenants and empty rooms.

Concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis

OCI gets a lot of requests from businesses and property managers for concrete walkways and patios.

Unlike older, paved sidewalks that were laid in sections, our walkways are poured without seams and need little maintenance after they set. We offer broom-finished pavement that is attractive and textured for safety purposes. And our stamped walkways that mimic the look of stone or brick pavers are popular too.

Modern businesses often provide small outdoor areas for both employees and clients to lounge. A beautifully stamped patio set in the shade of a few trees or patio umbrella creates a welcoming space to take a break in or hold a casual meeting.

Property managers of apartment buildings, motels, and duplexes find their clients benefit from stamped patios as well. They are lower maintenance than paver patios and stand up to heavy use for years, making them a good investment. OCI carefully pours and designs their patios and walkways to meet the stringent requirements of St. Louis building codes.

We not only meet those standards, we exceed them in every regard, making Ortmann Concrete one of the best builders of concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis.

Bellattex™ Concrete countertops and tabletops

Bellattex™ Concrete countertops and tabletops are perfect for businesses that need attractive, long-lasting furnishings.

Concrete countertops work extremely well for businesses with common areas and kitchens. With just a little regular maintenance, they stand up to ongoing use without chipping or scratching. The owner of your building will thank you for bringing this feature to their attention.

Need a long-lasting table that compliments your meeting rooms? A Bellattex™ concrete tabletop is perfect for this setting. They fairly glow with professionalism and add to the atmosphere of the room without feeling impersonal.

Ortmann-FYB-outdoor pool

Pool companies

We also pour high quality concrete pool decks for residential customers and pool companies in the St. Louis area. Our pool decks are designed to be attractive as well as safe—with a level, textured surface to minimize slips and falls. OCI can also design and pour broom-finished walkways that lead to and from the swimming area. We will design pool decks to your specifications and customize it at your customer’s request.

Our outdoor line of concrete countertops and tabletops would also complement your customers’ swimming area and pool deck.

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Concrete patios, walkways, countertops, and tables aren’t all we do! We also pour retaining walls, short walls, footings, foundations, concrete driveways, anchor pads. And even that list doesn’t include everything. Check out our entire line of services here!

Ortmann Concrete is proud of our reputation as skilled, professional tradesmen who pour the best concrete walkways and patios in St. Louis. In addition to doing quality work every time, when we build patios or walkways for your business, you can count on our Ortmann crews to show up at the agreed upon time and to be professional in all respects. We maintain a clean worksite and don’t leave you with the debris after we’re finished. All you have to do is enjoy your new patio and walkway!

When you place an order for tables or counters, we will walk you through the process of selecting the customization and will provide you with a date of completion.

OCI is locally owned and operated. And we are a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, and certified by the American Concrete Institution. Our company is the proud recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. We are proud that our reputation for quality has been recognized by customers on three different platforms: Facebook, Angi’s List, and Google Reviews.

If you’d like more information about how we can help your business, look it’s best with new concrete walkways and patios, a driveway, pool deck, or you’re interested in dressing up your business one or more of our Bellattex™ concrete countertops and tabletops, just contact us. You can’t find Bellattex™ products anywhere in the country, other than Ortmann Concrete. We’re proud of our products and look forward to hearing from you.

Look through our gallery for just a few examples of the ways we’ve helped other businesses up their game and give us a call!