Concrete Tabletops: Interior Design’s New Kid On The Block

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Bellattex™, Commercial Concrete

As an interior decorating choice, concrete is the new kid on the block. In the last ten years, more and more interior designers have discovered that concrete is not just a utilitarian material. It’s no longer relegated to sidewalks, parking lots, and foundations. Concrete tabletops, concrete countertops, end tables, breakfast bars, and more have found their way into more and more homes.

If you’re a homeowner in search of a fresh approach to decorating or an interior designer who wants to do something unique, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at just some of the ways to integrate Bellattex™ concrete tops from Ortmann Concrete into any decorating scheme.

Ortmann- concrete kitchen table

Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Concrete is highly versatile as a decorating choice because it is so sturdy and so easily customized. When you look at a concrete kitchen countertop from Ortmann’s Bellattex™ Tabletop line, you will see what we mean.

Kitchen counters take a lot of abuse. Any surface where food is prepared will be subject to this. Even with careful use of cutting boards and hot pads, a countertop is going to be exposed to heat, foods that stain, and sharp objects. Whatever medium is chosen, in a kitchen, it needs to be sturdy, easily cleaned, resistant to the elements, and hold on to its beauty with minimal maintenance.

Concrete easily meets these standards. A high-quality concrete countertop that’s properly poured, sealed, and installed will withstand years of use. And with just a little maintenance, it will continue to look as beautiful as it did the day it was installed.

Concrete is easily stained to match all color schemes and accepts any inlay the homeowner wants. A concrete kitchen countertop blends beautifully with any kitchen layout. There’s no need to worry about whether it will maintain its appearance and tolerate ordinary (or even unusual) use. It will look equally good as a kitchen island, breakfast bar, and prep surface.

Because it withstands use so well, it will add to any home’s resale value regardless of how long the homeowner lives in their home after adding the concrete kitchen countertop.

Bellattex - Concrete Coffee Table
Bellattex - Concrete Dining Table
Ortmann- Concrete Man Cave - Kitchen concrete counters

Concrete Tabletops for your living room

Looking for an attractive set of end tables or a coffee table that doesn’t require constant babying? Want to avoid having to rush over with a coaster and napkins to put under drinking glasses because you’re worried about water rings ruining the finish? A concrete end tabletop is the answer!

Ortmann can custom design a concrete end table top and/or coffee table to meet any decorating need. We can manage any color or color combination you can think of. The Ortmann tabletop design crew is not afraid to be bold! This goes for any concrete top we design.

Whether you want a piece of furniture that feels vintage, western, or something more modern, we can help. The concrete end tabletop we design will be one of a kind AND it will perfectly match the homeowner’s decorating wishes.

Like all the Bellattex™ tabletops designed by Ortmann, your concrete end tabletop will be sealed with a special finish that will resist stains and won’t chip or scratch with normal use. Apart from dusting and an annual sealing spray applied by the homeowner, maintenance is low and the tabletop will be easy to care for!

Bellattex - Concrete End Table
Bellattex Concrete Kitchen Table Top
Bellattex - Concrete End Table

Concrete dining tabletops

A concrete dining tabletop should reflect the homeowner’s tastes and their vision for their home. When you suggest it to a homeowner, you can tell them to expect it to last through multiple generations. Does the client enjoy entertaining? Have lots of family gatherings? Or perhaps they enjoy small, intimate dinners? Whatever their preference, Ortmann can help you design a beautiful, one-of-a-kind concrete dining tabletop just for them.

Dining tables often become heirlooms. And even if that’s not on the homeowner’s radar, resale value may be. When you select an Ortmann’s concrete dining table top for a client, that’s what you get. It will be designed with the client’s wishes in mind; the color (or colors), the inlays, the edging, the shape and size—will all exactly match all requests. We believe that our customers deserve pieces that are anything but generic.

After we’ve helped you and your client settle on a design that exactly meets all expectations, you and your client can move on to choosing a base to place it on. We can help you work with one of our suppliers to select a base that will complement your concrete dining tabletop, or you can select a base by another craftsman of your choosing.

Bellattex Concrete Table Top Online Store

Want to know more?

Now that you’ve seen the opportunities concrete offers for designers who want to stand out, contact us to discuss your concrete dining tabletop, concrete kitchen countertop, concrete end tabletop, and visit our gallery for inspiration.

Ortmann Concrete brings our same high standards to our Bellattex™ table top line as we do the rest of our business. Doug and Jacqui Ortmann have been working with concrete and concrete cleaning products since 2003, gradually extending our business to include creating concrete-based items like we’ve mentioned here.

To quote Doug Ortmann “We don’t just pour concrete. We create extensions of our clients’ homes and businesses.”

Ortmann Concrete is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, is certified by the American Concrete Institution, and is a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. We work with commercial contractors, residential clients, and building management companies. Our reputation for quality has been recognized by customers on three different platforms: Facebook, Angi’s List, and Google Reviews.

Check out what James C says about our countertops on Google Reviews:

“Ortmann Concrete’s Bellattex™ countertops are not only beautiful, but incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain. The crew and manager were so easy to work with, too.”

If you’d like more information about bringing a custom Bellattex™ concrete tabletop to your home, just contact us. You won’t find Bellattex™ products anywhere other than Ortmann Concrete!