Ortmann in Action: Curved Walkway and Stamped Patio Installation

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Commercial Concrete, Residential Concrete

This month, we’re tagging along with the Ortmann Concrete crew as they tackle a challenging curved walkway and stamped patio installation with their usual humor and skill.

Their first job was to remove an older deck and clean up the surrounding site. As you’ll see, they are careful to cut and carry it away a section at a time to avoid making a larger mess than necessary. The crew then removed the older walkway before they could even begin installing the curved forms that would shape the walkway and patio.

Curved walkways, in particular, require careful planning and an eye for detail. While our crews might sometimes clown around a bit on the job site, which makes them fun to watch, their finished work reveals that they are quite serious about giving our customers the best.

This particular curved walkway and stamped patio installation required a lot of forethought. As you can see in the video, the homeowner has a beautiful water feature in their yard and they wanted the walkway to lead directly to it. This meant ensuring that the wet concrete didn’t seep into the landscape or wash over the edging. The patio and walkway winds around the house itself, which meant protecting the footings as they poured it and smoothed it out.

Moving large equipment around homes, buildings, and other structures is just part of the job. And these guys make it look easy. But if you’ll watch, they are ever aware of their surroundings and never forget that they are at someone’s home or place of business.

Our jobs are often one part science and one part art. And art is sometimes messy, as you’ll see by the state of the site while they’re working. But by the time they wrap up, it’s as pristine as the day they arrived.


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