Ortmann Concrete Presents: Custom Concrete Fire Pits

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Commercial Concrete, Residential Concrete

Ortmann Concrete custom concrete fire pits

Are you looking to add some warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living space? How about a custom concrete fire pit built just for you by the team at Ortmann Concrete? If you live in St. Louis or in one of the outlying areas, we can help!

Our team loves building these beauties for our clients because they come in so many different sizes and shapes, are highly customizable, and useful. In all the years we’ve been building these, we’ve never once heard a client wish they hadn’t asked us to build one for them. There is literally no downside to owning a fire pit (unless you count never wanting to leave your own backyard)!

Need a little more convincing? Read on.

Concrete Fire Pit


Ortmann’s custom concrete fire pits are an eye-catching addition to any patio or outdoor living space. They become the natural focal point, no matter where they’re placed. When you add one of these to an outdoor living space that already contains other features, such as an outdoor kitchen, you give your guests even more reason to hang around until well after dark.

What’s more, a well-built concrete fire pit can increase your property value by 15 to 40%.  People who are shopping for homes love finding a well-constructed outdoor living space featuring a fire pit. And they’ll be happy to pay a little more for a home that has one.


Your custom fire pit can be used year-round! Whether you enjoy sitting outside on summer evenings and looking at the night sky, sharing a cup of hot cocoa with your kids on autumn days, or even during cold winter months, there’s nothing quite like putting your feet up and watching a cozy, crackling fire.

They are great at parties and during holiday gatherings. A lit fire pit encourages visitors and family members to slow down and talk about life.


Your fire pit doesn’t have to be generic. Do you enjoy a rough-hewn, rustic look? Ortmann can customize a fire pit just for you. Something smooth and modern looking? We can do that too. Our team members are pros at helping customers create unique outdoor living spaces they can be proud of.

Whether you’re looking for something small and cozy or larger and more elaborate, Ortmann will build it for you.

Our custom concrete fire pits work in any outdoor area, whether small or large. In fact, they’re a particularly good addition to small yards that might not be large enough for other outdoor living features such as kitchens because a wood burning fire pit can double as a grill!

We recommend the addition of seating walls around fire pits in general, but they are an especially nice touch in smaller spaces because they eliminate or at least minimize the need for outdoor furniture and provide attractive functional seating. A concrete seating wall can double as a retaining wall or boundary marker that creates different entertainment areas, and can double as tables or surfaces to put small outdoor ornaments on.

Concrete Fire Pit


Need more reasons to call us and order your own?

While it’s going to sound like a rationalization, it’s really not. Custom concrete fire pits are more than just a luxury. With St. Louis’s unpredictable winters and our occasional power outages, they are a handy backup if you’re without utilities for any reason. A wood burning fire pit can double as a grill and a source of heat if needed.

Fire pits are great teaching tools because the fire is contained in the metal pan it’s built in. Everyone, regardless of age, should know how to build a simple fire. You can walk a child or inexperienced adult through the process of building a fire and then allow them to build their own while you supervise. And for good measure, then you can teach them how to cook over a fire.

Have some deadfall you want to burn when you’re cleaning up the yard? What a great excuse to light up the fire pit! No worries about paying extra to have it all hauled off AND you can enjoy a pleasant fire too!


Our custom concrete fire pits are incredibly sturdy and long lasting. Ortmann Concrete uses a special process to pour fire pits that ensures that they will withstand weather extremes and the hottest fires for years to come. You will never have to worry about yours cracking or crumbling. Unlike paver fire pits, concrete fire pits are solid through-and through. No worries about shifting bricks or shaky foundations.


There’s no better way to bring warmth and comfort to an outdoor space than one of our custom concrete fire pits. Whether you’re looking for something small and cozy or larger and more elaborate, these durable pieces are sure to bring a unique and beautiful element to your space.

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