Ortmann Crews Take on a Mag Swirl Finish Driveway

by | Oct 1, 2023 | Commercial Concrete, Residential Concrete

Greetings from the Ortmann Concrete Crew! At this worksite, we’re creating a mag swirl finish driveway for a client with a circle drive. Tune in to watch us at work as we strive to make sure every detail meets with our high standards and satisfies our customers.

Most concrete driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks are either finished with a basic trowel that smooths and unifies the surface or with a broom finish. A broom finish provides a textured appearance as well as adding much needed extra traction in wet or icy weather. However, when a client wants something different, we offer them their choice of swirl finishes, including a traditional swirl, broom swirl, stamped swirl, exposed aggregate swirl, combination swirl, or a mag swirl finish.

A mag swirl finish driveway is created by using a heavy-duty trowel made up of several small, circular metal plates that spin rapidly and create the swirling pattern as the trowel is moved across the surface of the wet concrete. The mag blade levels and smooths the surface, while creating the visually appealing appearance of layered half-moons. The mag swirl finish is often used in outdoor areas such as patios, walkways, driveways, and any interior spaces where a decorative finish is needed.

This finish is time-consuming, requires patience, and an eye for detail. It is best attempted by someone who is experienced. If done incorrectly, it will simply look like a sloppy pour. Our concrete specialists excel at this kind of detailed work. What’s more, we enjoy it and we’re proud of how it looks every time.

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