How to Clean Oil From Concrete Driveways

by | Nov 11, 2019 | How To Concrete

Are you looking to remove oil stains from concrete? This tutorial is an easy and environmentally friendly way to remove stains caused by oil, gasoline, diesel, or kerosene with Gray Out Waterless Oil Cleaner.

Necessary Items:

Remove Surface Oil With Push Broom

Remove Surface Oil / Heavy Buildup

Using a wire brush, remove any heavy buildup and excess oil from your driveway. This will help the cleaning product sink into the concrete and work faster.

Apply Gray-Out

Apply Gray-Out

Apply a small amount of SealGreen Gray-Out Waterless Oil Cleaner to the affected areas of your driveway. Usually a thin layer is enough to make the stain invisible.

Spread and Cover the Stain with Gray-Out

Spread and Cover the Stain

Using a push broom, spread the cleaning powder over the oil stains enough to cover the spot completely. The cleaner will activate upon contact with oil and will not only clean the visible surface of your driveway, but is able to clean the pores within the concrete as well.

No Removal Necessary

No Removal Necessary

Once applied, the cleaner does not need to be removed. If your concrete varies in color from the cleaning powder, you may want to apply the cleaner on a larger section of your driveway so it blends.

There you have it! A fast, no-hassle solution to clean oil from driveways. You can also use this method to clean oil from concrete patios and garage floors!