Brick and Stone Sealer

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This product forms a permanent solid bond beneath the surface of brick and stone that prevents water from penetrating it.

  • Recommended surfaces include architectural precast or cast in place, split-face concrete blocks, brick, mortars, natural stones, limestone, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, ceramic tile and grout, adobe, exposed aggregate products, Portland cement stuccos, plaster, and concrete masonry units. 
  • One quart mixed covers 500 square feet.

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  • Effective on most vertical and horizontal exteriors and above-grade masonry surfaces. 
  • Natural substrate color and surface textures are unaffected, with little to no gloss created. 
  • Product ships in concentrate form to save on shipping costs.
  • The chemical bonds formed in this process allow SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer to become an integral part of the substrate and provide long-term water repellent protection.


  • Excellent resistance to water intrusion
  • Deep penetration into the substrate
  • Exhibits good beading effects
  • 100% water vapor permeable
  • Mildew and fungus resistant
  • Efflorescence protection
  • High resistance to alkali attack
  • Freeze-thaw protection
  • Can be reapplied to treated surfaces
  • The surface can be painted on after the sealer is applied


SealGreen – Clay Brick Sealer and Stone Sealer is commonly used to protect horizontal surfaces such as pavements, sidewalks, and plazas.

When used on vertical surfaces, it should be targeted towards leaks and areas where extra protection is desired. Recommended surfaces include architectural precast or cast in place, split-face concrete blocks, brick, mortars, natural stones, limestone, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, ceramic tile and grout, adobe, exposed aggregate products, Portland cement stuccos, plaster, and concrete masonry units.

SealGreen – Clay Brick Sealer and Stone Sealer also protects bridges, parking decks, airport taxiways and aprons, piers and marine structures, and other surfaces requiring outstanding corrosion resistance and protection from chloride penetration. Additionally, it’s used on brick masonry to protect against the entrance of wind-driven rain. SealGreen – Clay Brick Sealer and Stone Sealer can also be used to reduce the effects of mildew, efflorescence, and stains from concrete and masonry.


SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer is transparent and non-yellowing. It does not change the color or appearance of typical surfaces to which they are applied. 

Pretreatment for Paint

Before painting, pre-treating concrete, masonry, or stucco with SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer helps keep walls drier and extends the paint’s life. Without pre-treating concrete, you leave the paint and coatings vulnerable to water, leading to damp substrates, blistering, and peeling of paint.

SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer is compatible with most latex and other paints. But to assure compatibility between paint and pretreatment, a small test application is recommended. 

Note: Do not use a pretreatment or allow overspray on metal or other nonporous surfaces to be painted.


SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer will leave a residue on nonporous substrates such as glass windows, metal frames, and painted surfaces. Caution should be taken with specialty coated glass or plastic windows. 

Not intended for below-grade waterproofing, so be sure to check compatibility before application. Also, be sure to protect materials that solvents can damage.

Do not apply when the following conditions are present:

  • Ambient or surface temperature less than 40° F. Or predicted to fall below 40° F within 24 hours following application.
  • Rain within 72 hours before application or predicted within four hours after application.
  • Wet or frozen substrates.
  • High winds which could cause excessive overspray.

A qualified applicator should complete the application with experience applying water repellents. Application equipment should be clean and free of foreign materials, which could be dissolved and deposited on surfaces to be treated. 

Contact SealGreen for additional precautions and information on compatibility with specific materials.


  • Best results are obtained by applying SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer on clean and dry substrates.
  • All surfaces must be cleaned to remove all traces of dirt, dust, efflorescence, mold, salt, grease, oil, asphalt, laitance, curing compounds, paint, coatings, and other contaminants.
  • Acceptable surface cleaning methods include shot blasting, sandblasting, water blasting, and chemical cleaners.
  • If chemical cleaning agents are used, neutralize and wash off residues thoroughly.
  • Allow the surface to dry at least 72 hours after water cleaning. Check with SealGreen representative to verify suitable cleaning methods, products, and surface preparation is adequate.
  • As a standard procedure, fresh concrete should be allowed to dry for 28 days before application.
  • All repointing must be completed and allowed to cure at least three days.
  • Concrete repair and replacement must be completed before application.
  • Patching materials, caulking, sealing materials, traffic paint must be fully cured before applying SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer. In addition, the actual amount of material used for each application depends on the absorptive capacity of the substrate.
  • Before applying, it is recommended that preliminary tests be carried out to determine usage and test the treatment’s effectiveness.


Apply water repellents as early as possible to protect substrates during construction, but not before the wall cap, flashings, and roof are in place and water trapped in the structure has been drained.

Spray apply SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer by low-pressure (150 psi maximum) pumping equipment with a wet fan type spray nozzle. Alternate methods include nap roller (1″) or by brush. Required application rate varies from 70 to 175 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface texture and absorbency.

Caution: Over-application of the material may cause darkening of the surface.

Dry Time: To touch, or 2 to 6 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Clean-Up: Thoroughly rinse spray equipment with clean water. Wash rollers with soap and water.

Precautions: Fire hazards are eliminated since SealGreen – Brick and Stone Sealer is water-based and does not contain combustible or flammable solvents. Respiratory protection is not required during regular use and handling. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.

Life Expectancy: Five years when properly applied.

Vertical Surfaces

  • Mix well before using—test a small area before starting general application to assure desired results and coverage rates.
  • Apply when surface and air temperatures are between 40°F to 110°F. Provide adequate ventilation.
  • Apply in a flooding application from the bottom up, so the material runs down 6 to 8 inches below the spray pattern.
  • On horizontal surfaces, the liquid material should pond on the surface at least 5 seconds before being absorbed.
  • For best results, two applications are recommended, with the second application applied using a wet-on-wet technique, retreating within three to five minutes after initial application.
  • A wet treated surface may be agitated with a soft bristle scrub brush to ensure more even distribution and greater penetration.
  • During application, precautions should be taken to protect the surrounding area from over-spray.
  • Remove over-spray from non-targeted surfaces immediately with soap and water. Apply to southern exposed areas during the coolest part of the day.

Horizontal Surfaces

  • Mix well before using—pretest to measure material coverage rates.
  • Apply enough material so that solution stands for 60 seconds before completely penetrating the surface.
  • A wet-on-wet application can be used if additional material is required to reach the desired coverage rate.
  • Avoid puddling or ponding, brush or broom to spread the material to a more porous area.
  • If applicable, block all drains and use absorptive coverings to contain run-off of excess material.
  • To avoid unnecessary clean-up, use soap and water to remove overspray as soon as possible.

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