Garage Floor Sealer

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SealGreen Garage Floor Concrete Sealer is ideal for smooth concrete-like garage floors, warehouses, workshops, print shops, plane hangers, docks, machine shops. Developed to help prevent surface staining and provide a low maintenance surface without altering the natural appearance of the concrete or creating a surface film.

  • One pint mixed covers 500 square feet.

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Product Benefits

  • Eliminates concrete dust
  • None Surface forming sealer
  • Reduces water absorption into the substrate
  • Fast chemical reaction for more permanent application
  • Increases useful life of the substrate
  • Colorless and non-yellowing
  • Preserves the natural appearance of the substrate
  • Penetrating and breathable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Effective on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Low VOC, Nonflammable


Do not dilute or alter after proper mix of concentrate. Application temperature range 35º – 85ºF (2º – 49ºC). Protect from freezing. May damage glass, aluminum, metal, ceramics & glazed tile. Always protect these surfaces. Not recommended for glazed surfaces.

Installation Tips

Always test each type of surface to ensure desired results. Let the test area dry before inspection.

Over application to dense or dark-colored surfaces may produce a white film after drying. This indicates that the product was applied too heavily. Retest using higher coverage rates.

Application Steps

Step 1: Clean surface to bare concrete using SealGreen Cleaner to remove dirt and oil.

Step 2: Work in four feet by four feet sections on smooth concrete surfaces like garage or basement floors. Spray sealer lightly onto the surface to be treated using a low-pressure garden sprayer with a fan tip.

Step 3: Using a string mop spread the sealer evenly until the concrete has a moist appearance.

Step 4: Repeat this process throughout the entire surface. Repeat step 4 in areas that are drying faster than others. Repeat this process until the sealer beads on the surface when sprayed. Once the sealer beads the sealing, the process is complete.

  • Do Not Allow overspray onto glass or metal as it will etch those materials.  To clean overspray on glass, metal, plastic; use clean water immediately. Use water to clean tools. Wash hands with soap and water and use hand lotion.
  • Remember: If the sealer is over-applied, a white powdery residue may appear. Remove excess sealer with a mop.

General Application Tips

After a week, you can usually brush or wash the powder away. Any powdery residue will eventually wear off and go away. White powder results from the sealer that cannot be absorbed by drying on the surface of the concrete.

  • New Concrete: Concrete should be fully cured prior to applying SealGreen Concrete Sealer.
  • Damaged Concrete: Cracks or spalling should be repaired before applying SealGreen Concrete Sealer.
  • Surface:  Remove all loose material from the surface of the area to be sealed.  The surface should be as clean as possible. Heavily soiled areas should be hosed off or power washed. Do not use any petroleum-based cleaners when cleaning the surface.
  • Sealer Application Equipment: A low-pressure pump sprayer with a fan tip is the quickest and easiest application technique. CAUTION: Airless sprayers should not be used as they apply too much product which will result in the white powdery residue.
  • Ambient Temperature: Because SealGreen Concrete Sealer is water-based, the temperature should maintain 50 degrees 24 hours prior to and after the application to ensure that SealGreen Concrete Sealer will not freeze.
  • Protect the treated surface from rain and pedestrian traffic for 12 hours after application. SealGreen Polish Concrete Sealer gains its full water repellent properties in 12 hours.


  • Discard container when empty
  • Sealer is – non-toxic – non-hazardous – non-flammable
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Use of safety glasses and plastic gloves is recommended when applying the sealer
  • If splashed in eyes – wash with clean water
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but drink water for dilution
  • Wash your hands after using the sealer

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