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Kennel Concrete Sealer Concentrate

Product Brand: SealGreen

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This sealer treats and protects a range of concrete surfaces without discoloring or creating a slippery surface. Protects against water, oil, urine, other pet accidents, and citrus absorption, jet fuel, and oil, organic stains.

One gallon per 200 square feet.


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SealGreen Kennel Concrete Siliconate Sealer with Salt Defense Technology is ideal for kennels with smooth or broom finished concrete floors inside or outside. Our sealer is an odorless, water-based solution developed to effectively treat a wide range of concrete surfaces with out endangering your pets with slippery floors.

SealGreen Kennel Concrete Sealer is an odorless, water-based penetrating, chemically reactive, siliconate, concrete sealer developed to provide long-lasting protection without changing the appearance of the surface. It does not turn yellow or create a shine or slippery surface for your pets. Provides long-lasting protection to water, oil, urine, other pet accidents, and citrus absorption, jet fuel, and oil, organic stains without altering the natural appearance of the concrete or creating a surface film. Provides a safe and healthy environment for your pets.

Add water and is ready to use.  Easy to install and maintain. It is recommend to clean concrete prior to sealing with Kennel Concrete Cleaner to extract all pet urine that has penetrated the concrete before sealing.


  • Non-slip or shiny surface
  • Reduces urine penetration
  • Bonds already deteriorated concrete
  • Reduces spalling, lignite pitting and cracking
  • Reduces concrete dusting
  • Protects rebar from rusting
  • Reduces damage from salts
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Easier to remove ice and snow
  • Reduces damage from freeze/thawTo


SealGreen Kennel Concrete Sealers is the preferred sealer used by professional kennels in the State of Missouri where all kennels are required to have seal floors, zoos, and pet containment areas. Architects, engineers and building professionals recommended for sealing driveways and other commercial or industrial concrete surfaces.

It is also used inside and outside concrete, cinder block kennels, concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, entryways, ramps, parking lots, shopping center sidewalks, animal cages, zoos, farm stalls, horse barns, foundation walls, any concrete place where pets have access. It can be used in new green concrete as a cure and seal, kennel walls, window wells, retention walls, pool decks, decorative concrete, concrete salt or food containers, concrete drains, concrete sewers and manholes, use as a frezee/thaw mitigator, and many other concrete applications inside and outside.

It has a higher spread ratio (200 sq feet per gallon as opposed to 75 square feet per gallon for silicate sealers) because of the larger molecules.  SealGreen has been formulated with the highest percentage of active ingredients available in the market today.


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