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Penetrating Concrete Sealer Concentrate

Product Brand: SealGreen

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Protects your concrete against salt damage and water absorption, thus significantly reducing freeze and thaw damage along with reducing stain penetration. Environmentally friendly.

One gallon of concentrate covers 2,000 square feet.


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SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology

  • Reduces breakage and lignite pitting
  • Reduces cracking in old concrete
  • Produces a green, environmentally friendly concrete
  • Protect rebar from rusting
  • Reduces damage from salts
  • Easy surface care
  • Easy ice and snow removal
  • Reduces damage from freezing and thawing
  • Fast and easy to apply

How does it work?

SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a siliconate sealer with larger molecules than any other product on the market. Therefore, it offers more protection for the concrete’s surface. The sealer penetrates the surface, filling all pores and strengthening the concrete’s surface.

Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a GREEN product!

SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology is considered to be environmentally-friendly. It is water-based, releases no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and doesn’t break down and run off into storm water. Above all, It becomes a lasting quality of the concrete structure.

Seals to Protect

The new Salt Defense Technology protects your concrete against salt damage and water absorption. As a result, it significantly reduces freeze and thaw damage, along with reducing stain penetration. Making it easier to keep your concrete clean. Not only will your concrete hold its original look, but it will also create a more non-slip surface. This is not just a topical fix. Most importantly, the penetrating sealer will continue to repel water in the form of water sheeting for many years.

What can I use this on?

SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology will upgrade your concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and parking lots. This sealer will make cleaning a breeze in animal cages and farm stalls. Also, it will improve the look of basement walls, window wells, pool decks, concrete drains and concrete sewers. This product can be used as a freeze/thaw reducer along with many other concrete applications inside and outside.

Sealer Application

This Penetrating Concrete Sealer has a higher spread ratio because of the larger molecules. So, our clients will get coverage of 200 square feet per gallon in contrast to 75 square feet per gallon from other sealers. SealGreen is made with the highest percentage of active ingredients available on the market today.

What does all this mean to you?

You will get more bang for your buck. As well as easy application and very little care. In short, SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology is a top of the line concrete sealer that offers strength and a long life span.

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Pint = 1 Gal/ 200 sqft, Quart = 2.5 Gal/ 500 sqft, Gallon = 10 Gal/ 2,000 sqft, 4 Gallons = 44 Ga/ 8,000 sqft, 55 Gallons = 550 Gal/ 110,000 sqft


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