Penetrating Concrete Sealer Concentrate

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SealGreen Penetrating Concrete Sealer Concentrate protects your concrete against salt damage and water absorption. Using this product will significantly reduce damage and stain penetration of concrete surfaces.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces:

  • Driveways
  • Patios & pool decks
  • Sidewalks & parking lots
  • Animal cages & farm stalls
  • Basement walls & window wells
  • Drains & sewers
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A siliconate sealer that protects the concrete surface against salt damage and water absorption. Not only does it make it easier to keep your concrete clean and looking good, but it also create a more non-slip surface that is safe for your and your family. It is no just a topical fix, this sealer will continue to repel water for many years.

There are many great features of this product including:

  • Reduces breakage and cracking
  • Water-based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protects from rusting
  • Fast and easy to apply


With SealGreen, you get more bang for your buck. Our clients will get coverage of 200 square feet per gallon in contrast to 75 square feet per gallon from other sealers. Watch the videos below to see just how easy the application process is. 

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Pint = 1 Gal/ 200 sqft, Quart = 2.5 Gal/ 500 sqft, Gallon = 10 Gal/ 2,000 sqft, 4 Gallons = 44 Ga/ 8,000 sqft, 55 Gallons = 550 Gal/ 110,000 sqft


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