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Tintable Matte Sealer

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SealGreen SG20 Tintable Sealer is an additive for Smith’s Color Floor water-based stains, which promotes adhesion, increases durability of the stains and seals the concrete floor with salt defense technology.

The final look is variegated color with NO gloss – matte finish. SG20 Tintable Sealer is a sealer that chemically reacts with the concrete and has salt defense technology. For use only on outside and broom finish concrete. The Tinted SG20 Sealer can be applied with a garden sprayer (bug sprayer), airless sprayer, or using faux methods like sponges, rags.


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Best Applications for the SealGreen Tintable Sealer: Concrete driveways, side walks, concrete stones, patios, porches, cover ugly stains, retaining walls, cinder blocks etc.

SG20 Tintable Sealer comes in concentrate form: Follow the following directions before mixing Color Stain tintable sealer with color.

  • SG20 Tintable Sealer 1-Pint Concentrate when mixed with 1 gallon of water it make 5 quarts of ready to use SG20 Tintable Sealer.
  • SG20 Tintable Sealer 1-Quart Concentrate when mixed with 2 gallons and 1 quart of water it makes 10 quarts of ready to use SG20 Tintable Sealer
  • SG20 Tintable Sealer 1-Gallon Concentrate when mixed with 9 gallons of water it makes 40 quarts of ready to use SG20 Tintable Sealer.


Once the SG20 Tintable Sealer Concentrate is mixed with water follow the instructions below on how to mix the ready to use tintable sealer with color

The recommended dilution ratio is 1-part color concentrate, and 4-parts of mixed SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed . Agitate mixture to produce a ready to use stain. The opacity is controlled by the amount of SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed added to the color concentrate.

Recommended Standard Mix: (1) Quart of Color Concentrate + (4) Quarts SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed.

  • For 1 Quart of color standard mix: (1) Quart of concentrate color + (4) Quarts of Tintable Sealer
  • For 4oz of color standard mix: (1) 4oz of concentrate color + (16) Ounces of SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed.

If desired dilution rate differs from recommendation, maintain a 4-parts SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed to 1-part concentrate color stain ratio when creating the ready to use stain. If High Hide version of color concentrate is required, only mix the first coat with water and SG20 Tintable Sealer mixed, after first coat is dry apply additional coats of color stain over the first coat to build color density.


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Pint = 4 Qt = 200 sqft, Quart = 10 Qt = 500 sqft, Gallon = 40 Qt = 2,000 sqft


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