Elegance Is Forever: Custom Concrete Tabletops and Countertops

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Bellattex™, Residential Concrete

For most of modern history, concrete has been relegated to basements, garages, parking lots, picnic tables, and sidewalks. When people went shopping for dining room tables or new kitchen cabinets, no one thought, “I sure wish I could find a beautiful concrete tabletop for my dining room.”

But times have changed. Over the last few years, custom concrete tabletops and countertops have come into their own as an attractive alternative to traditional materials like wood, marble, granite, and quartz. This rise in interest can be attributed to the ease with which concrete can be customized and its durability. The endless variety of finishes and custom insets create a visually striking focal point, sure to impress family and friends.

With Ortmann Concrete’s Bellattex custom concrete tabletops and countertops you get everything you’ve been longing for in a furnishing, you just didn’t know it.

Ortmann- concrete tabletop
Bellattex - Concrete Dining Table

True Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

You’ve seen fads come and go. If you’re old enough to have lived then, you probably remember the 70s: the giant sunflower wallpaper, orange Tupperware lining laminated counters, and the avocado green sinks and toilets (Aren’t we glad that’s behind us? And to the next generation—you can thank us later for not reviving a poorly thought-out era). But by the same token, you probably have a few things in your home that you inherited and keep on display because they continue to look good, no matter what color scheme you choose or where you put them. Grandma’s china will never go out of style. And that mirror that hangs in your bedroom? You got that from your mom.

Ortmann’s goal is to create memorable heirloom furnishings that others will be proud to point to and say, “I inherited that from . . .” Or perhaps, when you sell your home, the stranger who buys it will gasp and go, “I don’t care about anything else. I can fix what I don’t like. But I want this kitchen and those counters.” Our Bellattex custom tabletops and countertops are that good.

You’ll be able to enjoy it yourself for many years and then pass it on, because once sealed, all our concrete tops are heat and scratch resistant and, with a little care, will remain beautiful long after you chose it.

But more than the durability: the sheer variety of customizations makes it easy to individualize your concrete countertop or tabletop.

Gray Slab

Believe it or not, traditional gray slab is remarkably attractive when combined with other attractive elements, like faucets, sinks, and pulls. This neutral color complements various kitchen styles, providing a timeless and classic look. Gray goes with everything.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, traditional gray concrete countertops are known for their durability and longevity. And when you combine the gray slab with a honed finish, you get the understated beauty of gray stone without the complicated care that goes into stone countertops. It is a popular choice for homeowners who prefer a sleek, modern look. And when you combine it with a customized edge (discussed further on), you get a look that never goes out of style.

Marble Without the Hassle

For those seeking a more luxurious appearance, marbled concrete tops are an excellent option. Our Bellattex custom concrete countertops and tabletops can be stained with an endless combination of colors, including smoke, stonewash, raw, and buck brown. Once concrete is sealed, it isn’t as likely to acquire unwanted stains like real marble does.

All of the color combinations can be paired with different cabinet finishes, as well as table bases, achieving an unusual, visually appealing look.


One of concrete’s many advantages is how easy it is to customize using insets (also known as inlays) the customer has chosen themselves. Colored glass, beads, coins, you name it—we can add it to your concrete top. Most clients who choose insets choose them for coffee tables and end tables. But we can add them to any project at your request.

 Custom Edges

There are a variety of custom edges available, from scrolled, to simple and flat, to live edge (an organic look can range from looking chipped, like stone, or round like finished wood). Your color-choice, combined with a unique edge, adds visual interest and creates a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Bellattex Concrete Table Top

Creative Ways to Decorate with Concrete Accent Tabletops

We don’t just make dining tables and countertops. We also offer accent tables as well.

Concrete accent tabletops can be used as statement pieces or to create visual interest in various spaces. These tabletops can be incorporated into dining rooms, living rooms, or home offices to add a unique touch. For example, concrete accent tabletops can be used as coffee tables, end tables, or bedside tables. The customization options for concrete accent tabletops are endless, allowing for the embedding of objects or the creation of unique patterns that suit individual preferences and styles.

Ready to talk to us about custom concrete tabletops and countertops? We’re ready!

Decorating with custom concrete tabletops and countertops offers many benefits and opportunities for personalization. The versatility of concrete allows for unique designs and customization options that can enhance the beauty of any home or business.

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