Five Reasons to Replace Your Driveway This Spring

by | May 1, 2024 | Residential Concrete

Ortmann Concrete reasons to replace your driveway

Have you ever driven by a home and thought “Wow. That’s a pretty driveway!” No? Just us then?

That makes sense, really. We’re in the business. The crew at Ortmann Concrete thinks about things like that. If it’s doing its job, a driveway probably won’t attract much attention unless it’s unique in some way or it’s in bad shape. And nobody wants that second kind of attention.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re wondering if you should replace yours. And if you’re wondering that, then the answer is probably yes. But just in case you need some help, here are some reasons to replace your driveway.

 reasons to replace your driveway
St. Louis driveway installation professionals

Noticeable Wear and Tear

Changes in temperature, as well as natural damage from leaking car fluids, winter salt, and time all take their toll on the best poured concrete drives.

When you see cracks and potholes forming in your driveway, it means you need to replace it soon. Cracks in your driveway are not only ugly, they can also cause bigger issues later if you ignore them. And pot holes are hard on your vehicle’s suspension system, not to mention the humans who may trip over them.

In case you need more reasons to replace your driveway, consider this: A cracked, damaged driveway is not only unsightly, it can lower your property value and earn a letter or even a fine from your city and/or HOA.

Uneven Surface—Poorly Sloped

If you find an inordinate amount of water puddling in the center of your drive or—worse — a virtual lake, you’ve probably got a poorly sloped driveway and should address this sooner than later. Just resurfacing it may not be enough.

Time, weather, and changes in the terrain can affect the slope of a driveway. And if yours is older, it’s possible the original concrete company didn’t consider the importance of a proper angle and take  drainage into account. This can also happen if you live at the bottom of a hill and the builder didn’t factor in the run-off.

Failure to repair this can contribute to problems with the foundation of your home, damage to your landscape and walkways, not to mention your neighbors’ homes if they are located in close proximity to yours.

By themselves, these are all important reasons to replace your driveway. But here are a couple more to take into account.

 It’s Outdated

Even if you’re not seeing any obvious damage, if your driveway is over twenty years old, it is probably time for an update. Why wait for the cracks and potholes to appear when you can get out ahead of it?

While concrete itself hasn’t changed much since the 1970s, the industry has gotten smarter about how we use it. We know a lot more about how to prevent the damage we just talked about and we can offer you options that weren’t available twenty years ago.

 Increased Curb Appeal & Value

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. There’s no question about it, a new driveway will absolutely improve your home’s curb appeal. Prospective buyers aren’t always conscious of why they like the look of a home when they first see it, but they are responding to several factors that include the lighting, the landscaping, the walkway, and the driveway. The old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” applies here.

And if you add eye-catching features such as swirl or stamped finishes, you can guarantee they’ll remember your home when they drive away.

Stamped Driveway with Slate
Ortmann Concrete Driveway

So Who Should You Call?

Pouring a new driveway is not a DIY project. And it’s not something you should trust to your best-friend’s uncle who you heard would do a good job in return for a few beers. If you live in St. Louis, you want St. Louis driveway installation professionals, not someone from out of town who doesn’t know about local requirements and laws.

There’s more science—and art—in working with concrete than the average person knows. And this is especially true with respect to pouring driveways. A professional concrete company will come to your home, take stock of what you need, measure the area and figure in important details like drainage, slope, and angles. They will talk to you about the best finish for your driveway and provide examples of their work. When they contact you with a quote, they will be clear about the costs and what is entailed in doing the job. They will explain why certain kinds of weather are conductive to working with concrete and why other kinds aren’t. Once hired, they will show up on time with a knowledgeable crew who are respectful of your property and privacy.

Everything will be mapped out and marked before they begin. And when they finish, they will leave the job-site clean.

Have Enough Reasons to Replace Your Driveway Now?

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As you can see from this testimonial from one of our many happy customers, we bring our A-game to every job.

 Our original driveway was crumbling to pieces. We put off the replacement for a long time, thinking that a new driveway was not where we wanted to put our money. Now that we have our new driveway (and sidewalk and steps) from Ortmann Concrete, I cannot believe how much a difference it has made. We feel like it has added value to our house and is an investment we should have done earlier. We actually had to do some landscaping to make our yard look as good as our driveway.
K. Hrdlicka

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