Pool Deck Outdated? Maybe It’s Time for Ortmann’s Concrete Pool Decking

by | Jun 1, 2023 | How To Concrete, Residential Concrete

When you look at the swimming pool outside your home or business, what do you picture? Summer time fun with family and friends? Kids practicing cannon balls off the edge? Maybe just a personal retreat where someone can float around with a drink and a good book?

Or are you having trouble picturing any of that because you’re so unhappy with how the area surrounding your pool looks? Outdated, stained or cracked decking can detract from the best built swimming pool. And it makes it hard to picture yourself using it, much less inviting others to join you.

There are practical reasons to consider replacing your old concrete decking. And if you live in the St Louis area, Ortmann Concrete can help you by replacing it with new concrete pool decking. Let’s look at the reasons pool decking fails, the ways it can affect the pool and surrounding landscaping, and what to do about it.

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The Causes

Here are just a few reasons decks fail:

  • Age and weather subject the concrete to stress. Adverse weather, like ice, can stress a concrete pad over time causing it to buckle or crack.
  • Shifts in the soil beneath the deck happen over time due to weather and changes in the substrate itself. But it can happen more quickly when the deck wasn’t properly installed to begin with.
  • Slope creep. This is much like shifts in the soil, but is related to a change in an existing slope that wasn’t properly contained with a retaining wall. This can be caused by excessive rain and erosion.
  • Improper care. Neglecting to properly seal the concrete surrounding the pool can leave it open to weather and wear related problems.

The Results

Regardless of the reason for the damage to your decking, the results will be the same if you don’t act to prevent it. Here are just a few.

  • Damaged landscaping:
Your landscaped yard will take a hit when your deck shifts or buckles, causing run-off and bare spots in your lawn. And if it’s unchecked, it can eventually affect the foundation of your home.
  • Cracks in Pool
    Any or all of the listed reasons can ruin your swimming pool causing cracks and subsequent leaks. Swimming pool repair is a lot more expensive than replacing the deck. Caring for your decking, keeping it in good repair, or replacing it is worth the time and money you’ll invest.
  • Safety Issues
    An uneven or cracked pool deck is a safety hazard. Because swimming is such a physical activity, adults and children are inclined to move quickly around the sides of the pool—even when they aren’t running (How many times were you told not to do this as a kid but did it anyway?). Because the surface is also wet, the chances of slipping are greater than average. But when there’s a crack to catch a toe on, or a section that has buckled slightly, it becomes a bigger safety hazard.
  • Property Values:
A swimming pool can either be a great asset or detract sharply from the value of your home. As you probably know, the upkeep can be expensive, so potential buyers need to see a well-cared for pool when they look at your backyard. And it won’t take much to put one off the sale.

So, it’s to your advantage to have someone inspect your pool decking and have it replaced if there are issues—whether visible or not.

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What kind of deck should you choose?

With decks, wood, paver, natural stone or poured concrete are the most common choices. Each of these has pros and cons, some more cons than others. You have to weigh things like temperature at the hottest part of the day, durability, and ease of care.

  • Concrete:
Extremely durable and easy to customize. Concrete pool decking can be textured to reduce temperature and increase safety. When properly sealed and cared for, it will last for many years. 

  • Pavers:
This is labor intensive and is more expensive than concrete. Pavers heat up more easily than concrete does and are more likely to shift with changes in the substrate.
  • Natural Stone:
Natural stone looks great at first glance. It’s attractive and lends itself to a more rustic look. But because installing it is also labor intensive, it is more expensive than other options. The stones have to be customized and fit individually. Like pavers, they are more likely to shift in response to substrate. 

  • Wood:
Wood is an attractive choice because it’s the least expensive option for decking. But it wears out more quickly, is subject to insect infestation and requires more maintenance than the other options. It won’t remain attractive for as long and will require the replacement of supports and boards.

For Ortmann Concrete, concrete pool decking is the obvious choice. And not just because this is our specialty. But because we’ve torn out the other options when they failed to meet the needs of the business or homeowner.

In our minds, using the most cost-effective long-lasting option available is just common sense. The good news is that you won’t miss those other options at all! Concrete doesn’t have to be boring!

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Concrete Pool Decking Options

It is easy to customize concrete pool decking to meet your needs. The following options are just a few of the many we can offer you. If you have a look in mind, we can probably reproduce it with any combination of the features below.

  • Textured:
A textured finish can give your pool deck a natural stone look without the added cost of relying on natural stone. And it has the added benefit of preventing slips and falls.

  • Stamped
    Stamped concrete creates a paver look without the headaches and expense of pavers. We can easily attain either of these looks with our tried-and-true methods. So, if you want the convenience of concrete and the look of tile or natural stone, we can make that happen. 

  • Colored:
We offer an endless array of staining options that are sure to give you the look you want. If you are looking for a rustic appearance, or like how Italian tile looks, or a clean modern look, we’ve got it covered.

All of these options work together or on their own to create the perfect concrete pool deck that will withstand years of use when properly maintained with regular cleaning and sealing.

Installing high-quality concrete pool decking to begin with and regular maintenance will always be less expensive than ignoring the problem. Especially with a surface that is adjacent to the rest of your property.

Ortmann Concrete also recommends regularly sealing all concrete surfaces in and around your home. We offer products that can help and will show you how to use them if you need our services.

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Ready to talk to us about your concrete pool decking?

Ortmann Concrete can give you concrete pool decking that will leave you wanting to throw swim parties every weekend. Or—if you’re not into parties—make it your favorite summertime retreat!

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