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Tired of Replacing your Basement Floors?

Has flooding caused thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business? If you are tired of replacing your basement flooring; we a have cost-effective solution that will make your life easier.

It’s time to seal your concrete. Seal Green products are non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. You can also add a tint of color to spruce up your concrete flooring. These products are super easy to use. Channel in your DIY inner self. If you can paint or use a sprayer, you can use these products. Everything you need to clean, seal, and tint your basement flooring is available on our online store.

Had Blake Hoeber used any of those other concrete companies he could have spent anywhere from $4,500 up to $6,800. Blake’s DIY products cost with us was right about $1,000.

Blake told me that his new flooring “looks amazing, absolutely incredible!” He said, “Jacqui walked me through the process. There is no way I could have done this project without Jacqui.”

At Ortmann Concrete, Inc, we offer the highest quality services and products for all of your concrete needs. We’re offering a 2017 Seal Green Flood Special Sale until the end of June. For more info, go to our online store. If you have questions about sealing your concrete, please call our office at (636) 942-7151.

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