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OCI sees a need and an opportunity to help and provide even more value and service to its Property Management partners and residents. We facilitate this with our CMP (Concrete Management Program) Service. CMP will solve many struggles that are common among our property management companies and the board associations in maintaining their beautiful properties. Time and money are always at the top of the list of concerns. Our program saves both and allows the board the ability to address residents’ concerns, budget several years at a time and reduce the number of repairs in the long run.

Garner Cleaning

3 Steps To Our Program:

Assessment – This step includes an in-depth analysis of all the property’s concrete. It will identify areas to be addressed immediately, areas to be addressed in the next 2-3 years and areas to maintain to increase the longevity of the concrete.

Implementation – Once the assessment is received and the Board accepts, implementation of your 3-year program begins. Immediate concerns are addressed first (this is similar to what we do now, in that the board accepts the contract for the concrete work to be done within that year). Pricing is given for the strategic plan for the concrete improvements for the next 2 years with prices locked in for ease of budgeting for the board.

Training – OCI will train the property’s maintenance crew (on-site) how to clean, seal, and maintain the concrete with our SealGreen Products (special pricing on products). A maintenance calendar for the next 3 years will be provided. This will, not only save time and money now, it will save time and money later, and increase the life of all the concrete.

In summary, the CMP service will save our property management companies time and money, reduce the work requests, and increase the service and satisfaction to its residents. At OCI, we strive to provide not only beautiful concrete, but solutions to increase your bottom line, add value to your properties, and above all else exceed the expectations of your residents.

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