Sealing and Cleaning

Why Seal?

Concrete is porous. Water, salt, oils and other contaminants penetrate the pores of the concrete. Water will freeze and expand cracking and popping the concrete. Cracks will form and allow more water to enter the concrete expanding the cracks and deteriorating the concrete. Wire mesh and rebar will absorb the moisture, rust and create more deterioration from within. Proper cleaning and sealing will prolong the useful life of the structure.

Brick, retaining blocks and other stones are also porous. Water will penetrate these structures creating the same problems described as above. SealGreen Brick and Stone Sealer penetrates these surfaces along with mortar joints and hairline cracks. The sealer protects these structures helping to prevent future deterioration and discoloration from contaminants and mold.

SealGreen concrete sealer is specially formulated to penetrate the pores and bond with the concrete achieving the following benefits:

  • Creates a protective barrier preventing future water, contaminants and deep staining
  • Penetrates yet still breathable to allow for dissipation of humidity from below the surface
  • Protects from salt damage
  • Reduces freeze/thaw damage
  • Bonds hairline cracks to prevent water penetration, reduces cracking and crack expansion
  • Bonds already deteriorating concrete
  • Reduces concrete dusting
  • Reduces pealing and popping
  • Protects rebar and wire mesh from rusting
  • Reduces mold and mildew by keeping water out of the pores that breeds mold
  • Easier to maintain, keep clean and remove snow
  • Protects new and old concrete
  • Environmentally friendly product and application process that does not harm pets or surrounding vegetation
  • Extends the useful life of the structure
  • Removes dirt, oil stains, algae, mold, rust and other contaminants and deposits from within the pores of concrete.

Why Clean?

Stains and contaminants damage concrete, reducing property values and aesthetic appeal. Surface oils and algae buildup create slick surfaces that become safety hazards.

Concrete is porous. If the pores are not kept sealed, over time dirt, oil and other contaminants penetrate the pores leaving it stained, dirty and unsightly. SealGreen’s specialty cleaners penetrate these pores, encapsulate and break down the oil, grease and dirt. OCI utilizes a special process along with a power cleaning machine to lift those particles from the pores. Once the pores are cleaned we then recommend utilizing SealGreen’s Concrete Sealer that is specially formulated to penetrate those newly opened pores, bond with the concrete creating an impenetrable barrier keeping out future contaminants and water. Thorough cleaning not only makes it more aesthetically appealing but enhances the proper bond between the sealer and the concrete thus extending the life of the sealer and structure without harming your concrete or the environment.

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